SS Internal Tooth Lock Washer
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SS Internal Tooth Lock Washer

Stainless Steel internal tooth lock washers are used under bolt heads or nuts to increase the hold of the fastener. They can be manufactured of 18-8 or 400 series stainless steel. Internal tooth lock washers have teeth on the inner dimension of the washer creating a ratchet action by biting into the nut or screw head and the surface it contacts. Dimensional specifications are governed by ASME B18.21.1. Stainless steel fasteners are commonly used in applications that require general atmospheric corrosion resistance, such as chemical and food processing equipment.

SS Internal Tooth Lock Washer
Diameter Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Thickness Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
#6 0.1410 0.2812 0.0160 WLIS 6 In Stock $0.01226/EA EA
#8 0.1680 0.3281 0.0180 WLIS 8 In Stock $0.01226/EA EA
#10 0.1950 0.3750 0.0180 WLIS 10 In Stock $0.02832/EA EA
1/4 0.2560 0.4688 0.0230 WLIS025 In Stock $0.04087/EA EA
5/16 0.3200 0.5938 0.0280 WLIS031 In Stock $0.04005/EA EA
3/8 0.3840 0.6875 0.0320 WLIS037 In Stock $0.24018/EA EA
1/2 0.5120 0.8750 0.0370 WLIS050 In Stock $0.07052/EA EA
3/4 0.7690 1.2344 0.0470 WLIS075 In Stock $0.80783/EA EA