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Industrial Cutting Tools: Drill Bits, Reamers & Hole Cutters

STS Industrial offers an extensive selection of professional cutting tools engineered for precision and durability with the highest quality in mind. Whether you're seeking versatile drill attachments or specialized tools like concrete bits and drill bits for stainless steel, our cutting tools are crafted to deliver optimal performance in a variety of industrial settings.

Drill Bits
Concrete Bits
Annular Cutters
Hole Cutters
Taps and Dies
Bolt Removal and Thread Repair

Unmatched Quality: Concrete Bits and Cutting Tools

STS Industrial has a diverse range of cutting tools like drill bits, reamers, hole cutters, annular cutters and more. Our assortment of European concrete tools provides a quality cutting experience with durability to last multiple projects. Whether you’re creating a precise hole or refining existing ones, tackling stripped bolts and damaged threads, our tools are designed to enhance your project’s success.

STS offers many different services which includes but is not limited to custom manufacturing to fit your specific project. 

Optimized Solutions: Drill Bits, Cutters, Reamers & More

STS Industrial knows you rely on the highest quality drill bits, hole cutters, and reamers for a refined result. For competitive pricing, high quality service and Domestic wholesale products, STS Industrial is your one-stop shop.

Drill Bits –the primary function of a drill bit is to cut cylindrical holes into various materials. Drill bits come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, each suited for specific drilling tasks. Some of the types include stubby, jobber, long-length, S&D drill bits, step, auger, and others. Materials of a drill bit include high-speed steel, nitride-treated, cobalt, and carbide dipped for use in hardened steel. The material and finish will depend on their intended application.

Concrete Bits – rebar cutter and SDS masonry bits are concrete bits designed to withstand the hard-abrasive nature of materials such as concrete, brick, stone, and tile. The rebar cutter works in conjunction with masonry bits. The tip of the SDS masonry bit consists of a carbide cutting surface brazed into the body of the drill. They can be used to break up and remove concrete, masonry, and other hard materials more effectively. 

Annular Cutters – referred to as core drills or mag drill bits, annular cutters are specialized drill bits designed to cut large, clean holes through metal. Annular cutters are ideal for creating a clean, burr-free hole in sheet metal and pipes. Used often in construction, electrical work, and plumbing. 

Hole Cutters –when you need precision in cutting circles, hole cutters or hole saws have cylindrical saw blades that can create large holes in drywall, wood, and some metals. Perfect for use in plumbing, electrical boxes, or light fixtures.��

Taps & Dies – the dynamic duo of taps and dies to create and repair threads. Taps have a fluted design and cut threads on the inside of a hole, whereas dies are used to cut threads on the outside of a rod or bolt. For best results and the longest tool life, always use with cutting fluid. 

Reamers – use this specialized tool to refine and enlarge existing holes to a highly precise size. STS Industrial reamers improve surface finish for a smooth and accurate fit. Used in metalworking and woodworking applications. Hex Shank Spiral Flute Reamer is for heavy-duty reaming, and the spiral flute reamer is used in the fabrication of structural steel assemblies. 

Bolt Removal & Thread Repair – if you're faced with a stripped or broken bolt, the bolt removal and thread repair tools will come in handy. Our spiral flute screw extractor will remove broken or seized screws. When threads in a tapped hole are damaged, reach for the E-Z lock threaded insert.  

Industrial Cutting Tools Near You

STS Industrial locations include our flagship store in Sulphur, LA, with additional locations in Orange and Pasadena, TX. STS Industrial can ship anywhere in the United States for qualifying orders with free shipping. We also offer expedited shipping. Please call 1-855-416-2658 or email us for your custom manufacturing needs, we are here to exceed your expectations!