Standon Pipe Supports

Standon Pipe Supports play an important role in maintaining the structural integrity of piping systems. These innovative supports provide crucial stability and load distribution, ensuring the longevity and safety of piping infrastructure. STS Industrial’s Standon Supports continue to stand out from the other support systems, offering a comprehensive range of modular and adjustable, engineered support systems tailored to meet the needs of general contractors and construction professionals.

Standon C92 Clamp Support

The Standon C92 Clamp Support is engineered to provide a secure grip and stability in challenging industrial settings. This Standon clamp support features a two-piece clamp  allowing for clamped, or loose guide configuration. The C92's design allows for easy installation and adjustment, ensuring your pipes remain firmly in place even under extreme conditions.

Standon S89 Flange Support

For precision support for flanged connections, the Standon S89 Flange Support is the go-to solution. This unique pipe support stand features a flange-support design. The S89's unique configuration ensures proper alignment and reduces stress on flanged joints, contributing to the overall longevity and reliability of your piping system.

Standon S96 Flange Cradle Support

Then it comes to supporting larger-diameter flanged pipes, the Standon S96 Flange Cradle Support stands out as a top performer. This specialized pipe support stand features a cradle design that distributes the load evenly, preventing pipe deformation and ensuring optimal flow. The S96's robust construction and adaptability make it an essential component for heavy-duty industrial piping applications.

Standon S92 Saddle Support

The Standon S92 Saddle Support offers versatility in pipe support solutions. This adaptable pipe support stand accommodates a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, making it a favorite among contractors and engineers. The S92's saddle design provides excellent load distribution and stability, ensuring your pipes remain secure and properly aligned  throughout their lifespan.

Extension Pipe for Standon Supports

The Extension Pipe for Standon Supports is the adjustable section of the Standon system that field-cut to allow for precision installation of the support. This section carries the load of the support, fitting between the base plate and upper bracket in the integral upper and lower collars. The extensions is offered in carbon or stainless based on the material of the support used.