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Industrial Pipe Supports

STS Industrial's comprehensive range of pipe supports are designed for versatility and tenacity. Explore our catalog to discover an array of pipe supports, clevis hangers, clamps, brackets, and more, all designed to meet the demands of your project.

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Industrial Pipe Supports for Every Application

Pipe support systems like hangers, rings, clamps, and rods are crucial in regulating stress loads and reducing strain on the piping system. STS Industrial pipe supports can be used in countless industries, including oil and gas, chemical, marine, and energy. Trust STS Industrial’s pipe supports to carry the load with integrity and reliability.

Types of Pipe Hangers and Supports

STS Industrial is your source for the most comprehensive selection of pipe hangers and supports. From clamps, clevis hangers, U-bolts, rod, and other precision support solutions, trust our experts to help you find the right configuration for your project.

Pipe Clamps – Pipe clamps are an effective way of supporting pipes in industrial pipe systems. The primary function is to provide stability with ease. We offer pipe clamps in a plain, or galvanized finish.

Clevis Hangers – Cost effective and easily installed, clevis hangers are used in a wide variety of industries. Designed for suspended stationary pipe and are available in carbon steel, hot dipped galvanized finish.

Pipe Rings – Designed for seamless integration with threaded rods, these rings provide a steadfast solution for non-insulated static pipelines.

Beam Clamps – Center beam clamps provide convenience of vertical no-drill attachments to beam flanges. STS Industrial’s beam clamps offers a secure solution for fastening pipes to structural beams.

C-Clamps –  Designed for attaching all thread rod to the side of a beam flange. C-Clamps come in a variety of styles for a multitude of flange thicknesses and applications.

U-Bolts – Choose from a selection of U-bolts, including neoprene-coated or hot dipped galvanized for a variety of applications. Each is designed to offer reliable support in a simple, efficient design that offers multiple straight-forward installation options.

Structural Attachments – Secure your installations with confidence using STS Industrial's comprehensive range of structural attachments. From welded, bolted, and clamp-on attachments, our galvanized steel or stainless-steel connectors will provide a foundation for durable and reliable support.  

Rods –  Threaded rods are a key component in ensuring the stability, durability, and versatility of various vertical support systems. Typically made from carbon steel in a support system, STS also offers all thread rod in a wide variety of other materials that can be fabricated to fit your project.

Pipe Hangers and Supports Near You

STS Industrial locations include Sulphur, LA, and Orange and Pasadena, TX. STS Industrial can ship anywhere in the United States for qualifying orders with free shipping. We also offer expedited shipping and manufacturing. Please call 1-855-416-2658 or email us for your custom manufacturing needs, we are here to exceed your expectations!