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L-Anchor, Galvanized
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L Anchor Bolt Basics

L Anchor bolts, also known as foundation bolts, are headless fasteners with a partially threaded shank. The un-threaded portion is bent at a 90° right angle, which produces the "L" shape of the bolt. These anchor bolts are cast in place in new construction and are used to connect structural and non-structural components to concrete. The bent portion of the anchor bolt serves to create resistance so that the bolt does not pull out of the concrete foundation when force is applied. Made from AISI 1008 carbon steel.

Common Finishes of L Anchor Bolts

L Anchor bolts are available in different finishes and coatings, which play a role in the suitability of the fasteners in different applications, such as enhancing resistance to corrosion from environmental elements.

Black or Plain Finish L Anchor Bolts

L Anchor bolts are unfinished or will have a minimally protective finish. Black L Anchor bolts offer near zero corrosion resistance, though black oxide coatings or oiled coatings do offer increased corrosion resistance over unfinished L Anchor bolts.

  • Black L Anchor bolts are commonly referred to as plain finish, black, black oxide, black phosphate, bare or light oil coated.

Galvanized L Anchor Bolts

Galvanized L Anchor bolts are coated with a sacrificial zinc coating that acts as an anode to prevent the fastener underneath from corroding.

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized: Fasteners are dipped in a bath of molten zinc.