18-8 SS SAE Flat Washer
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18-8 SS SAE Flat Washer

18-8 stainless steel SAE flat washers are used under bolt heads or nuts to increase the bearing surface area, or to offer protection so that the nut or bolt can be rotated without distortion of the bearing surface. Flat washers are also used to give tightness to a joint, to prevent leakage, and especially to distribute pressure under the head of a bolt or nut. Dimensional specifications are governed by ASME B18.21.1. Commercial stainless steel flat washers have a larger outer diameter than SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) flat washers, and can be utilized in nearly any application. Stainless steel fasteners are commonly used in applications that require general atmospheric corrosion resistance, such as chemical and food processing equipment. Stainless steel has a higher corrosion resistance than carbon steel.

18-8 SS SAE Flat Washer
Diameter Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Thickness Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
1/4 0.2810 0.6250 0.0800 WFS4025SAE In Stock $0.04761/EA EA
5/16 0.3440 0.6870 0.0800 WFS4031SAE In Stock $0.04806/EA EA
3/8 0.4060 0.8120 0.0800 WFS4037SAE In Stock $0.05574/EA EA
7/16 0.4690 0.9220 0.0800 WFS4043SAE In Stock $0.15092/EA EA
1/2 0.5310 1.0620 0.1210 WFS4050SAE In Stock $0.23625/EA EA
5/8 0.6560 1.3120 0.1210 WFS4062SAE In Stock $0.31525/EA EA
3/4 0.8120 1.4690 0.1600 WFS4075SAE In Stock $0.49215/EA EA
7/8 0.9380 1.7500 0.1600 WFS4087SAE In Stock $0.79355/EA EA
1 1.0620 2.0000 0.1600 WFS4100SAE In Stock $0.9402/EA EA