2HM Heavy Hex Nut
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2HM Heavy Hex Nut

ASTM A194 Grade 2HM heavy hex nuts are quenched and tempered alloy steel nuts and are 100% hardness tested. ASTM A194 covers carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel nuts for bolts in high pressure or high temperature service. Grade markings consists of both the grade symbol "2HM" and the manufacturer's identification mark. They are usually paired with A193 Grade B7M fasteners in applications where hydrogen sulfide gas exposure may lead to hydrogen embrittlement problems. Dimensional specifications are governed by ASME B18.2.2. Heavy hex nuts provide increased bearing surface area over finished nuts such as J995 Grade 5 nuts.


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2HM Heavy Hex Nut
Diameter Thread Pitch Width Across Flats Height of Nut Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
1/2 13 7/8 0.4844 N2HM0500000-I In Stock $0.35101/EA EA
5/8 11 1 1/16 0.6094 N2HM0620000-I In Stock $0.79585/EA EA
3/4 10 1 1/4 0.7344 N2HM0750000-I In Stock $1.04638/EA EA
7/8 9 1 7/16 0.8594 N2HM0870000-I In Stock $1.32847/EA EA
1 8 1 5/8 0.9844 N2HM1000000-I In Stock $1.22697/EA EA