B7 All Thread Rod, Galvanized Domestic
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B7 All Thread Rod, Galvanized Domestic

ASTM A193 Grade B7 all thread rod is manufactured from an alloy which includes chromium-molybdenum steel, quenched and tempered, for added strength and corrosion resistance. All thread rod listed below is melted and manufactured in the USA. Dimensional specifications are governed by ASME B18.31.3. Inch series fasteners meeting ASTM A193 Grade B7 specifications are typically used in flange bolting applications. ASTM A193 covers the requirements for high temperature and high pressure bolting. Available in hot dip galvanized finish, which provides a corrosion resistant zinc coating.

B7 All Thread Rod, Galvanized Domestic
Diameter Thread Pitch Length Origin Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
1/2 13 12 FT Domestic RGB70500000G-U In Stock $3.65422/FT FT
5/8 11 12 FT Domestic RGB70620000G-U In Stock $3.19701/FT FT
3/4 10 12 FT Domestic RGB70750000G-U In Stock $5.92095/FT FT
7/8 9 12 FT Domestic RGB70870000G-U In Stock $7.91351/FT FT
1 8 12 FT Domestic RGB71000000G-U In Stock $9.16406/FT FT
1 1/8 7 12 FT Domestic RGB71120000CG-U In Stock $8.97909/FT FT
1 1/8 8 12 FT Domestic RGB71120000G-U In Stock $8.69461/FT FT
1 1/4 7 12 FT Domestic RGB71250000CG-U In Stock $11.25262/FT FT
1 1/4 8 12 FT Domestic RGB71250000G-U In Stock $11.41861/FT FT
1 3/8 6 12 FT Domestic RGB71370000CG-U In Stock $13.14711/FT FT
1 3/8 8 12 FT Domestic RGB71370000G-U 7-10 Working Days $13.32513/FT FT
1 1/2 6 12 FT Domestic RGB71500000CG-U In Stock $17.36628/FT FT
1 1/2 8 12 FT Domestic RGB71500000G-U In Stock $22.86907/FT FT