F436 Bevel Washer, Galvanized
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F436 Bevel Washer, Galvanized

ASTM F436 thru hardened bevel washers are square or rectangular washers with a beveled 1 to 6 ratio surface. For use with American standard beams and channels in structural applications, to compensate for lack of parallelism. Dimensional specifications are governed by ASTM F436. Available in hot dip galvanized finish, which provides a corrosion resistant zinc coating. For bevel washers to be used with low carbon steel bolts, please see malleable iron bevel washers.

F436 Bevel Washer, Galvanized
Diameter Inside Diameter Width Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
1/2 0.5313 1 3/4 WBEV050-I In Stock $1.45617/EA EA
5/8 0.6875 1 3/4 WBEV062-I In Stock $1.17509/EA EA
3/4 0.8125 1 3/4 WBEV075-I In Stock $1.21638/EA EA
7/8 0.9375 1 3/4 WBEV087-I In Stock $1.33864/EA EA
1 1.1250 1 3/4 WBEV100-I In Stock $2.44068/EA EA