Fig B92 C-Clamp
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Fig B92 C-Clamp

The figure B92 malleable iron standard throat c-type clamp is designed for roof installations with bar joist type construction as well as to be attached mechanically to the top or bottom flange of steel beams. A locking nut is provided and when properly tightened prevents loosening due to vibration. The full body tapping feature for the rod allows for extra adjustment after installation. A Fig. B89 retaining strap may also be required by various codes.

Fig B92 C-Clamp
Rod Size Load Rating Weight Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
3/8 400 0.280 FIGB92 0037 3-5 Working Days $1.63842/EA EA
1/2 500 0.320 FIGB92 0050 3-5 Working Days $2.80476/EA EA
5/8 600 0.440 FIGB92 0062 In Stock $11.0451/EA EA
3/4 800 0.580 FIGB92 0075 3-5 Working Days $8.63366/EA EA
7/8 1200 0.670 FIGB92 0087 3-5 Working Days $19.48336/EA EA