F1554 Grade 55 All Thread Rod, Galvanized
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F1554 Grade 55 All Thread Rod, Galvanized

ASTM F1554 Grade 55 all thread rod is a designed strength, low to medium carbon content grade. It has a 55 ksi yield strength which is required by the F1554 specification for anchor bolt and fastener applications. Dimensional specifications are governed by ASME B18.31.3. The all thread rod listed on this page is domestic, melted and manufactured in the USA. ASTM F1554 covers the mechanical and material properties of steel anchor bolts having a yield strength of 36, 55 and 105 ksi. Anchor bolts are used to anchor a structure to a concrete foundation. They are embedded in concrete and have a threaded portion which projects from the concrete. The embedded portion of the anchor bolt creates resistance to prevent the anchor from pulling out of the concrete when a load is applied. Unless otherwise specified, the protruding end of each anchor bolt shall be color coded. Available in hot dip galvanized finish, which provides a corrosion resistant zinc coating.

Governing StandardsGrade 55W

ASTM F1554 Covers straight, bent, headed, and headless anchor bolts (also known as anchor rods) made of carbon, medium carbon boron, alloy, or high-strength lowalloy steel.
ASME B18.31.3 Covers the general and dimensional data for inch series threaded rods.
ASME B1.1 UNC & UNF Class 2A Specifies the thread form, series, class, allowance, tolerance, and designation for unified screw threads.

Mechanical PropertiesGrade 55W

High strength, low alloy, 55 ksi yield steel Per ASTM F1554-15
Grade Tensile
Yield Strength,
0.2% offset
in 8 in. (1)
in 2 in. (1)
in Area
ksi Min ksi Min % Min % Min %
55 75-95 55 18 21 30
  1. 1. Elongation in 8 in. applies to bars. Elongation in 2 in. applies to machined specimens.

Chemical PropertiesGrade 55W

Per ASTM F1554-15
Grade Phosphorus Sulfur Copper
(when specified)
% by weight % by weight % by weight
55 0.04 max 0.05 max 0.20 min
F1554 Grade 55 All Thread Rod, Galvanized
Diameter Thread Pitch Length Origin Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
1/2 13 12 FT Domestic RG2G050F1554-U 5-7 Working Days ARO $2.61269/FT FT
5/8 11 12 FT Domestic RG2G062F1554-U In Stock $4.13847/FT FT
3/4 10 12 FT Domestic RG2G075F1554-U In Stock $6.36015/FT FT
7/8 9 12 FT Domestic RG2G087F1554-U 5-7 Working Days ARO $8.07924/FT FT
1 8 12 FT Domestic RG2G100F1554-U In Stock $10.50965/FT FT
1 1/8 7 12 FT Domestic RG2G112F1554-U In Stock $13.56681/FT FT
1 1/4 7 12 FT Domestic RG2G125F1554-U In Stock $16.62205/FT FT
1 1/2 6 12 FT Domestic RG2G150F1554-U In Stock $24.58312/FT FT