Hex Shank Spiral Flute Reamer
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Hex Shank Spiral Flute Reamer

Hex Drive Reamers are especially adapted for heavy duty reaming as encountered in the fabrication of structural steel assemblies. Manufactured from a premium grade of high speed steel. Body and clearance are gold and black surface treated for maximum lubricity. They are tapered at the point to facilitate entering of holes which are out of alignment. Two NE040 Magnets are placed 180 degrees apart in hex nut to reduce the risk of the reamer falling out of the socket while in use. Drillco's Nitro Safety First Hex Shank Reamers have been designed to protect against the danger and loss of a falling reamer. The Nitro meets OSHA 29CFR Part 1926.759 (falling objects protection).

Hex Shank Spiral Flute Reamer
Size Overall Length Flute Length Shank Type Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
1/2 5 1/2 4 Hex Shank REAM1/2-NHEX In Stock $76.82964/EA EA
9/16 5 7/8 4 Hex Shank REAM9/16-NHEX In Stock $102.25502/EA EA
5/8 6 4 1/2 Hex Shank REAM5/8-NHEX In Stock $102.41902/EA EA
11/16 6 3/8 4 1/2 Hex Shank REAM11/16-NHEX In Stock $121.27921/EA EA
3/4 7 5 Hex Shank REAM3/4-NHEX In Stock $136.73637/EA EA
13/16 7 5 Hex Shank REAM13/16-NHEX In Stock $148.62649/EA EA
7/8 7 5 Hex Shank REAM7/8-NHEX In Stock $157.54408/EA EA
15/16 1 3/4 5 Hex Shank REAM15/16-NHEX In Stock $160.51661/EA EA
1 7 5 Hex Shank REAM1-NHEX In Stock $208.67159/EA EA
1 1/16 7 5 Hex Shank REAM1 1/16-NHEX In Stock $214.02214/EA EA
1 1/8 7 5 Hex Shank REAM1 1/8-NHEX In Stock $194.62895/EA EA
1 3/16 7 5 Hex Shank REAM1 3/16-NHEX 2-4 Working Days $214.24764/EA EA
1 1/4 7 5 Hex Shank REAM1 1/4-NHEX In Stock $278.29028/EA EA
1 5/16 7 7/8 5 Hex Shank REAM1 5/16-NHEX In Stock $303.22878/EA EA