Square Washer, Galvanized
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Square Washer, Galvanized

Square Washers called construction square plate washers can be used instead of round washer for applications such as timber building and concrete floors; they are used with all fasteners for larger load distribution and bolting through a wall or timber. While disc washers operate solely as load distributors, square flat washers serve a second role. Their thick metal forms have that standard bolt opening in the center, plus a wide surface area, a feature that spreads torque and head load, but they also perform as shims. That means the bolt crown can be lifted away from the anchored part. It also means that a multi surface project won't deform or bend when the fastener is tightened. Available in hot dip galvanized finish, which provides a corrosion resistant zinc coating.


Square Washer, Galvanized
Diameter Inside Diameter Width Thickness Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
1/2 0.5625 2 0.1250 WFGA050-200-012SQ In Stock $0.75941/EA EA
1/2 0.5625 3 0.2500 WFGA050-300-025SQ In Stock $4.2505/EA EA
5/8 0.6875 2 0.1250 WFGA062-200-012SQ In Stock $0.7781/EA EA
5/8 0.6875 3 0.2500 WFGA062-300-025SQ In Stock $4.9397/EA EA
3/4 0.8125 2 0.1250 WFGA075-200-012SQ In Stock $0.79068/EA EA
3/4 0.8125 3 0.2500 WFGA075-300-025SQ In Stock $4.1921/EA EA
7/8 0.9375 3 0.2500 WFGA087-300-025SQ In Stock $2.0152/EA EA
7/8 0.9375 3 0.3100 WFGA087-300-031SQ 3-5 Working Days $4.17591/EA EA
1 1.0625 3 1/2 0.3750 WFGA100-350-038SQ In Stock $8.01791/EA EA