Metric Shoulder Lifting Eye Bolts
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Metric Shoulder Lifting Eye Bolts

DIN 580 Metric Shoulder Lifting Eye Bolts are forged, steel (C15E+Aluminum) threaded eye bolts intended for use with tapped holes that have been engineered as a lifting point. When equipped with a shoulder, these eye bolts can be used with angular loads up to 45°. (M14 & M22 are not included in DIN 580 specifications.) According to ASME B30.26 - Rigging Hardware, each eye bolt shall be marked to show: 1. Name or trademark of manufacturer, 2. Size or rated load and 3. Grade for alloy eye bolts.

Metric Shoulder Lifting Eye Bolts
Diameter Length Overall Length Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
M10 17 mm 62 mm EYEBM10-150 In Stock $9.07083/EA EA
M12 20.5 mm 73.5 mm EYEBM12-175 In Stock $19.57544/EA EA
M14 27 mm 89 mm EYEBM14-200 In Stock $29.46318/EA EA
M16 27 mm 89 mm EYEBM16-200 5-7 Working Days $27.38242/EA EA
M18 27 mm 98 mm EYEBM18-250 In Stock $49.26366/EA EA
M20 30 mm 101 mm EYEBM20-250 In Stock $24.26366/EA EA
M22 30 mm 101 mm EYEBM22-250 In Stock $75.01188/EA EA
M24 36 mm 126 mm EYEBM24-300 5-7 Working Days $48.93112/EA EA