Nitro Spiral Flute Tap
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Nitro Spiral Flute Tap

Nitro Spiral Flute taps are produced with a reduced neck to allow for longer reach, improved coolant flow, and easier chip evacuation. They can be used for production threading in both conventional or CNC equipment, in a wide range of material groups, including difficult to machine materials such as High Tensile Strength Steels and Stainless Steel. Black Oxide surface treatment provides improved lubricity and helps prevent the formation of built up edge. Spiral Flute taps are designed for producing blind holes in a work piece. For best results and longest tool life, always use with cutting fluid.

Nitro Spiral Flute Tap
Size Thread Pitch Tap Type Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
1/4 20 Spiral Flute TAPS025-20SFN In Stock $36.3161/EA EA
5/16 18 Spiral Flute TAPS031-18SFN In Stock $40.55782/EA EA
3/8 16 Spiral Flute TAPS037-16SFN In Stock $49.38989/EA EA
7/16 14 Spiral Flute TAPS043-14SFN In Stock $68.17257/EA EA
1/2 13 Spiral Flute TAPS050-13SFN In Stock $76.57371/EA EA
5/8 11 Spiral Flute TAPS062-11SFN In Stock $57.69901/EA EA
3/4 10 Spiral Flute TAPS075-10SFN In Stock $164.46833/EA EA
1 8 Spiral Flute TAPS100-08SFN 2-4 Working Days $414.14875/EA EA
#8 32 Spiral Flute TAPS8-32SFN 2-4 Working Days $13.52087/EA EA