Phosphor Bronze Belleville Washers
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Phosphor Bronze Belleville Washers

Belleville washers are unique, conical shaped washers recommended for use in problematic or critical bolting applications. Their conical shape affords a high spring rate over a short deflection to retain the proper bolting stress in a variety of conditions. The loss of a sound bolted connection can lead to fugitive emissions, cause equipment failure, or catastrophic events. Belleville washers can eliminate bolted joint failures due to a variety of causes:

  • High-temperature bolt yield
  • Differential thermal expansion
  • Packing or gasket relaxation or creep
  • Vibration
  • Thermal cycling
  • High cycle applications

Phosphor Bronze Belleville Washers are well suited for use in electrical connections. Electrical connections are often made up of different materials, with different components of the connection carrying varying levels of current. This causes non-uniform heating which results in differential thermal expansion which can lead to an increase in bolt load, and thermal cycling. Vibration and relaxing may also affect electrical components leading to a failure of the bolted joint. Phosphor Bronze Belleville Washers offer a solution to these challenges, and allow for secure connections under difficult operating conditions.

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