Silicon Bronze Hex Nut
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Silicon Bronze Hex Nut

Silicon Bronze hex nuts are made from an alloy of mostly copper and tin, containing a small amount of silicon. Dimensional specifications are governed by ASME B18.2.2 for finish nuts, and ASME B18.6.3 for the smaller diameter machine nuts. There are no grade markings on bronze hex nuts. Fasteners made from silicon bronze are ideal for naval construction and are popular in the marine industry, because they are resistant to salt water, electrically conductive and nonmagnetic. They are also commonly used in general construction, refineries, and the power and energy industry as well. Compared to brass fasteners, bronze is much harder and more resistant to corrosion.

Silicon Bronze Hex Nut
Diameter Thread Pitch Width Across Flats Height of Nut Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
#6 32 5/16 0.1020 NFSB632 In Stock $0.2452/EA EA
#8 32 11/32 0.1170 NFSB832 In Stock $0.26154/EA EA
#10 24 3/8 0.1170 NFSB102 In Stock $0.34152/EA EA
#10 32 3/8 0.1170 NFSB103 In Stock $0.32693/EA EA
1/4 20 7/16 0.2120 NFSB0250000 In Stock $0.39076/EA EA
5/16 18 1/2 0.2580 NFSB0310000 In Stock $0.44053/EA EA
3/8 16 9/16 0.3200 NFSB0370000 In Stock $0.88464/EA EA
7/16 14 11/16 0.3650 NFSB0430000 In Stock $1.79253/EA EA
1/2 13 3/4 0.4270 NFSB0500000 In Stock $1.72412/EA EA
5/8 11 15/16 0.5350 NFSB0620000 In Stock $3.03221/EA EA
3/4 10 1 1/8 0.6170 NFSB0750000 In Stock $7.42097/EA EA