SS Serrated Flange Locking Nut
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SS Serrated Flange Locking Nut

18-8 stainless steel serrated flange lock nuts eliminate the need for a lock washer or washer, as the flange serves to distribute the bearing load over a greater area. The bearing surface has circular serrations that fan out so that once the serrated flange makes contact with the mating surface, the serrations cut into and displace the mating material upon tightening. All metal lock nuts are resistant to high temperatures and high chemical exposures, as they are made from one material. Dimensional specifications are governed by ASME B18.6.4.

SS Serrated Flange Locking Nut
Diameter Thread Pitch Width Across Flats Height of Nut Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
#10 24 3/8 - NFLS1020000 3-5 Working Days $0.77857/EA EA
1/4 20 7/16 0.2222 NFLS0250000 In Stock $0.10456/EA EA
5/16 18 1/2 0.2680 NFLS0310000 In Stock $0.23016/EA EA
3/8 16 9/16 0.3300 NFLS0370000 In Stock $0.26997/EA EA
3/8 24 9/16 0.3300 NFLS037NF00 In Stock $0.41735/EA EA
1/2 13 3/4 0.4380 NFLS0500000 3-5 Working Days $1.51269/EA EA