Custom Manufacturing

STS Industrial has in-house manufacturing and outside processing capabilities to meet your needs for custom manufactured items ranging from fasteners and gaskets, to flanges and pipe supports. Our staff has the technical expertise to ensure the finish products meet all applicable specifications. Our 100% lot isolation and electronic certificate management ensures accurate material traceability to meet the requirements of even the most stringent customer requirements.

Custom Manufactured Stud Bolts in Any Material, Any Diameter

Custom Fasteners

  • Custom Cut Stud Bolts
    • In-House Cutting up to 4" Diameter Stud Bolts
    • Large Inventory of Threaded Rod
    • Any Origin Restriction or Approved Manufacturer List
  • Custom Coatings
    • Fluorokote1 PTFE Coatings
    • Xylan PTFE Coatings
    • Zinc
    • Cadmium
    • Hot Dipped Galvanizing
    • Mechanical Galvanizing
  • Custom Threading
    • Double Ended Studs
    • Sag Rods
    • Anchor Bolts
    • Rod Ends
  • Other Custom Manufactured Fasteners
    • Hex Bolts
    • Nuts
    • Screws
    • Socket Products
    • Eyebolts


Custom Gaskets

  • Sheet Gaskets
    • Non-Asbestos
    • PTFE
    • Rubber
    • Any Shape, Any Size
    • Any Origin Restriction or Approved Manufacturer List
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets
    • Custom Diameters to 100+ Inches
    • Full Face
    • Oval
    • Winding Only
    • Exotic Materials
    • With Ribs
    • Any Origin Restriction or Approved Manufacturer List
  • DJ Gaskets
    • Any Jacket Material
    • Any Filler Material
    • Any Configuration or Flange Width
    • Any Origin Restriction or Approved Manufacturer List
  • Kammprofile Gaskets
    • Any Material
    • Any Facing Material
    • With Fixed or Floating Outer Centering Ring
    • Custom Diameters and Shapes
    • Any Rib Configuration
    • For Standard Flanges or Exchangers
    • Any Origin Restriction or Approved Manufacturer List
  • Additional Custom Sealing Products
    • Custom Flange Isolation Kits
    • Custom Gasket Shapes from Any Material


Custom Pipe Supports

  • Manufactured Supports per Customer Drawings
  • Cryogenic Supports
  • Spring Cans
  • Constant Supports
  • Sway Struts and Braces
  • Stanchions
  • Custom Coatings
  • Pipe Shoes
  • Pipe Slides
  • Pipe Rolls


Custom Pipe, Fittings, & Flanges

  • Exotic Materials
  • Large Diameter Fittings of All Types
  • Custom Testing Requirements
  • Parts per Customer Drawings
  • Special Flanges
  • Custom Coatings
  • Machining and Modifications
  • Pipe Bends
  • Custom Spools
  • Custom Cut Pipe Lengths