Fastener Specifications

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Faster specifications set requirements for factors related to the production of fasteners including, materials, chemical properties, mechanical properties, dimensions, and tolerances. ASTM and SAE fastener standards typically outline requirements for the materials and properties of a fastener while ASME and ANSI standards normally dictate any dimensional or tolerance related requirements. Typically, specifications set requirements for a particular type of fastener or group of fasteners used for a specific specification. Find more information and products related to ASTM and SAE specifications in the tables below.

ASTM Standards & Specs

SAE Standards & Specs

ASTM Fastener Specifications

The Society of Automotive Engineers have developed various standard specifications for different types of fasteners including, bolts, nuts, rivets, screws, and washers. The specifications that are set for these fasteners dictate requirements relevant to the dimensions, the material and mechanical properties, the product identification markings, and product testing requirements.  The requirements outlined in individual SAE specifications ensure that fasteners are manufactured and perform at the levels needed for safe and effective use within their particular application.

SAE Fastener Specifications