STS Industrial handles a broad selection of valves from a diverse manufacturer network. Whatever your need, restriction, or expedited time frame may be, rest assured that  STS Industrial  has you covered, our team of experienced valve professionals are ready and willing to help with any and all your commodity and hard to find valve needs.  STS is a stocking distributor for a diverse group of high quality and widely approved valve manufacturers. So, if your looking for a manual  gate, globe, check, butterfly, ball, plug or any other manual valve give STS a call.

Our goal at STS Industrial is to continuously provide a level of service and support that is unmatched in  the industry, we look forward to helping our clients finish their projects on time and under budget, while providing real solutions to unexpected and reoccurring problems they may face each day. STS will  strategically work our valve network to locate those difficult, hard to find valves per the clients specifications. Whether in a rush or planning a project or outage make STS is your go to source for all your industrial valve needs.