Long Tangent U-Bolt, Plated
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Long Tangent U-Bolt, Plated

Long tangent u-bolts are bolts bent in the shape of the letter U with machine threads on both ends that nuts can be threaded onto in order to fasten the u-bolt. Long tangent refers to the length of the straight leg portion of the u-bolt which specifies the height of the u-bolt. Since u-bolts have primarily been used to support pipes through which fluids and gases pass, u-bolts are called out by the size of pipe. In addition to supporting pipes, u-bolts have a wide range of uses such as securing tubing, roundbar, wood or steel posts, and can be embedded into concrete as anchor bolts. U-bolts are designed to be inserted into pre-drilled or punched holes. Made from carbon steel with a zinc plated finish. Zinc plating sacrifices itself, corroding before the base material, offering added corrosion resistance.

Long Tangent U-Bolt, Plated
Thread Diameter Pipe Diameter Item # Availability Price Quantity UOM
1/4 1/2 UBLP0250050 In Stock $0.44267/EA EA
1/4 3/4 UBLP0250075 In Stock $0.48658/EA EA
1/4 1 UBLP0250100 In Stock $0.42815/EA EA
5/16 3/4 UBLP0310075 3-5 Working Days $0.87639/EA EA
5/16 1 UBLP0310100 3-5 Working Days $0.61415/EA EA
5/16 1 1/4 UBLP0310125 3-5 Working Days $0.61415/EA EA
5/16 1 1/2 UBLP0310150 In Stock $1.89245/EA EA
5/16 2 UBLP0310200 In Stock $2.55567/EA EA
3/8 1/2 UBLP0370050 3-5 Working Days $1.0303/EA EA
3/8 3/4 UBLP0370075 In Stock $1.14233/EA EA
3/8 1 UBLP0370100 In Stock $0.79152/EA EA
3/8 1 1/4 UBLP0370125 In Stock $0.87012/EA EA
3/8 1 1/2 UBLP0370150 In Stock $1.06276/EA EA
3/8 2 UBLP0370200 In Stock $2.34082/EA EA
1/2 2 1/2 UBLP0500250 In Stock $2.70909/EA EA
1/2 3 UBLP0500300 In Stock $4.8/EA EA
1/2 3 1/2 UBLP0500350 In Stock $3.52/EA EA
1/2 4 UBLP0500400 In Stock $8.62924/EA EA
1/2 5 UBLP0500500 In Stock $3.97642/EA EA
5/8 6 UBLP0620600 3-5 Working Days $9.83839/EA EA
5/8 8 UBLP0620800 In Stock $16.54136/EA EA